Practicing Creativity

Creativity is arcane and mundane

Creativity is obscured by misconceptions—it's commonly misconceived as a magical ability only accessible to special geniuses, or as a fixed ability determined at birth.

Creativity is special—Creativity is a human superpower, the ultimate expression of human ingenuity, intuition, and logic. It's mysterious and appears magical, and it's tied to deep meanings around the cyclical unfolding of our lives. Human creativity echoes the creativity of the cosmos—it's a natural subject for eternal mythmaking and wonder (see Meaningness eternalism).

Creativity is also profoundly mundane. Creativity is a skill, one that can be practiced and improved. It's a common practical activity (and non-activity) people experience every day without thinking about it. There are elements of creativity in everything we do and perceive.

Creativity is inherently "both/and"—sacred and mundane, special and practical.

Creativity is arcane, divine (mages, cleric, bards) and profoundly mundane (rogues, rangers, artificers). The mundane side is dismissed as fake magic tricks, the arcane side seeds inaccessible hero myths. Need to multiclass. —Kevin McGillivray (@kev_mcg) May 17, 2020

Just as water springs from a fountain, creativity springs from every moment. –Jeong Kwan

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These are my draft notes on creativity—as a skill, a practice, and a mystery