Practicing Creativity

Practicing Creativity

These are my draft notes on creativity—as a skill, a practice, and a mystery. It's a bit of a knotted labyrinth. Please leave breadcrumbs to follow if you get lost.

Everything you find here is in a perpetual draft state and much of it may not make sense. I hope these notes become clearer over time as I continue updating them, although I hope they might be useful even in disarray.

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Talking about creativity

Creativity is arcane and mundane

Creative habits and practice

  • Wonder
  • Curiosity, humor, play & enjoyment
    • Let ideas and projects emerge organically
    • Follow intuitive curiosity
    • Find community in sages and scenes
      • Work with the garage door open
      • Give and receive notes
    • Get stuck
    • Dive in
    • Commit to learning
    • Balance boredom and anxiety
    • Dive deep into disorientation
    • Move at an enjoyable pace
      • Move right along the way life does
      • Things of quality have no fear of time
      • Leisure is a stance between work and holiday
  • Creation
    • Plan patient, executable strategies
    • Separate creative tasks
      • Embody roles
        • Classic mode / roles
        • Romantic mode / roles
      • Balance care and spontaneity
        • Go slow, be careful
          • Care and quality
        • Go fast, be spontaneous
          • Loosen your grip
          • You got an eraser
      • Shift stances to refresh yourself
    • Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can
      • Hold a quality of standard
      • Wholeness includes roughness
    • Go brrr / Flow
    • Stop
    • Rest
    • Maintain wholeness
      • Sketch the whole first
      • Set boundaries
      • Establish an outpost
      • Develop the whole together
        • Cycle within, then around, then outside at multiple scales
        • Keep the level of detail in proportion
        • Generate and stabilize - structure preserving transformations
    • Stay at the human scale
    • Sign it

Living wholeness - The Quality Without a Name

  • There is a living relationship between the maker, the object, the subject, and the people who live with the object
    • Making an object or place means imbuing it with its own spirit
    • Art just happens
  • Check in with the degree of life, the feeling of quality
    • The mirror of self
    • The fundamental process

Creativity anti-patterns reference

  • Development hell - isolation from the conversation
  • Too much flow
  • Broken boundaries, unclear separation
    • The inner critic
    • Checking the egoic emu
  • Resistance trap / Gumption trap
    • Hurrying and delaying
      • Startup friction
    • Seriousness
    • Specialness
    • Perfectionism
    • Impatience
    • The cult of productivity
    • Starting from a blank page
    • The way it's always been
    • The shock of the new