Practicing Creativity

Creativity is textured

Contrary to common misconceptions, active "working" time—at the writing desk, at the easel, on the stage—is only one form of creative time. In reality, creativity is a spectrum of qualities of "thought, feeling, and interaction." In other words, creativity is textured.

"The six textures can be thought of as each leading to the next: wonder → curiosity → humor → play → enjoyment → creation. It is useful to understand this as a causal sequence. It is also useful to understand that it is not actually one." Meaningness Source

There are many expressions of creative energy, from mundane daily work routines checking off to-do boxes to silly, playful activities that look like not doing much at all. Each texture is comprised of a distinct set of associated skills that can be practiced and applied to navigate nebulosity and encourage the emergence of patterns and forms.

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These are my draft notes on creativity—as a skill, a practice, and a mystery