Practicing Creativity

Creativity is brackish

It flows in two (or more) directions. "Not only a mix of different states, but a condition that itself ebbs and flows through different kinds of mixtures." (h/t Buster)

Getting stuck is how what is unknown dialogues with what is known. Get stuck.

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Assemble, adapt, and arrange fragments
While Creativity is organic and Morphogenetic creativity starts with wholeness, it's impossible Maintain wholeness indefinitely

These are my draft notes on creativity—as a skill, a practice, and a mystery

About Practicing Creativity

These are my notes on creativity—as a skill, a practice, and a mystery. Everything you find here is in a perpetual draft state and much of it may not make sense. I hope these notes become clearer over time as I continue writing and updating them, although I hope they might be useful even in disarray.

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