Practicing Creativity

Assemble, adapt, and arrange fragments

While Creativity is organic and Morphogenetic creativity starts with wholeness, it's impossible Maintain wholeness indefinitely. In time as resources and energy fade (Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can), things fall apart into fragments, which may become raw material available to be reused and adapted into new emerging wholes. In assemblage and adaptation, existing wholes or fragments are salvaged, modified, and combined to suit the needs of new forces at play. While creative activity is often concerned with maintaining a growing and emerging whole, disassembly, decomposition, and reduction are brackish anti-flows that often enable meeting new emerging contexts.

  • Cyberpunk scavenging of parts and supplies
  • Recovery and rebuilding after disaster (The Tower tarot card)
  • The Chimera
  • Vintage shopping
  • Collage and assemblage sculpture

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These are my draft notes on creativity—as a skill, a practice, and a mystery

About Practicing Creativity

These are my notes on creativity—as a skill, a practice, and a mystery. Everything you find here is in a perpetual draft state and much of it may not make sense. I hope these notes become clearer over time as I continue writing and updating them, although I hope they might be useful even in disarray.

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