Practicing Creativity

Go brrr

There's an Internet meme: "haha money printer go brrr."

When stalled, stuck, unable to get started, it's helpful to lower the restraints on turning on the creative machine. When hemming and hawing, wondering what the best approach is or the optimal next step is, often it's helpful to lower the level of Seriousness and Perfectionism and just "go brrr"—new things are being generated, whether you're worried about it or not. Are they good? Are they bad? Doesn't matter, the machine is just running by default. Turning off the stream is the choice, not turning it on.

When beginning or learning something new, the tendency is often to be cautious, to go slowly, to tip toe slowly in rather than diving in and seeing what happens. When going brrr, you go faster than you feel comfortable, but still Move at an enjoyable pace. You Go fast, be spontaneous, and don't take it too seriously. You go brrr no matter how much energy, time, or materials you might waste. You acknowledge that you might Wreck it, but that You got an eraser, or a delete tweet button, so what's the problem? You discover that there's an endless supply of something inside you that you can't run out of no matter how hard you try. Be a non-optimizer. "Let the chaos flow." Let a stream of unknown quality things be generated—quantity over quality

... At least for a while, since Creativity is a paradox. Letting go of any thoughts of quality is a good step toward alleviating perfectionistic habits, and accessing playfulness. But after that there’s a rebalancing toward a care for quality. A time to Go slow, be careful

When you're learning it's better to err on the side of not caution. John Gordon

Whenever you get that feeling, do it. Spontaneous. Faster than you want to. John Gordon

For comics I'm such a believer in messy sketchbooks. I work in lined notebooks with stick figure sketches and pages ripped out and panels cut and pasted. Let the chaos flow. —Sarah Andersen

It’s not that scarcities stop hurting. It’s just that “I don’t have enough money” looks very different when (say) poetry or code is just brrrring out of you than if nothing is going brrrr for you. It doesn’t even have to be good. Just come from some illegible place of abundance.

Going brrr is just shitposting as a way of life. You just lower some standard around something you enjoy to the point that some invisible restraint inside snaps and you go brrr. It really isn’t hard. At all. The only limit on it is physical energy and the need to eat/sleep. –Venkatesh Rao

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These are my draft notes on creativity—as a skill, a practice, and a mystery

Move at an enjoyable pace
Maintaining an appropriate pace is a key creative skill

About Practicing Creativity

These are my notes on creativity—as a skill, a practice, and a mystery. Everything you find here is in a perpetual draft state and much of it may not make sense. I hope these notes become clearer over time as I continue writing and updating them, although I hope they might be useful even in disarray.

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